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Photography Wedding Package Add-ons: The Options and Why They Are Worth It

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Wedding planning means it’s time for making decisions. There are so many that you can often feel stuck not knowing where to begin or if you’re making the best choice. You want the day to reflect the two of you while experiencing it to the fullest. So much of this begins with the elements you choose to include in your day. Let’s create a meaningful day only with the parts that are most important to you in your photography wedding package!

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How To Choose: Building Your Kind of Wedding Day

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Your wedding day only requires the parts that matter to you. This can translate to guests or no guests, a wedding venue or an elopement spot, or making it an all-day adventure in the city. These decisions are up to you and they don’t have to be difficult to make. It’s my job to guide you through your photography wedding package options so that you can select what fits you best. 

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Sometimes, your simplest option is to just go with a larger package. My two top tier packages (8-10 hours of wedding day coverage) already include an engagement session and a second photographer. This bundles the basics so you don’t have to worry about adding these on later.

I recommend a second photographer if there are 20-50 guests and it’s required if there are more than 50 (also if it’s a destination wedding). It is just impossible for me to capture everything that is going on at the same time!

Without this coverage, you can miss experiences of the two of you or your people enjoying the day. You can also get much more variety in angles, perspectives and reactions from both sides during the first look or walking down the aisle. A second photographer is additionally great when partners are getting ready in different locations or if our timeline is tight. Then we can literally be in two places at once!

Photography Wedding Package Add-ons: The Options

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Otherwise, if you don’t go for a more all-inclusive package, you will individually choose what goes into your wedding collection. These are some starting points I use to guide my couples into narrowing down the options that will work best for them!

Wedding Photo Albums

I offer options for your photos to be printed into something physical that you can touch. Your memories are made to be felt and experienced, and not just sit on a hard drive. These can be transformed into a custom, fine art wedding album. This is how you relive your once-in-a-lifetime memories outside of a screen!

Bridal Boudoir or Bridal Photoshoot

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Boudoir sessions are one of my most commonly booked add-ons that are set at a special rate when added to a wedding collection. It includes hair and makeup, and is meant for you to celebrate this time in your life and build your confidence! As a bonus, these photos make an amazing wedding day gift to your partner.

Another option is adding wedding bridals which is a portrait session just for the bride that provides more time to capture you in your dress!

Film Wedding Photography

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There is nothing that lets you relive a memory more than wedding photography on film. I offer a mix of film photography on 35mm and polaroids taken throughout the day. The imperfect nature of film photography creates a more artistic quality that adds variety to the digital. Film allows for different color temperatures and even though my digital editing style already emulates film, nothing ever truly looks exactly like it!

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

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Whether it’s a traditional dinner or a guest welcome experience, you can add up to two hours of additional coverage. For services that I don’t offer such as wedding videography, I have vendors I love working with that I’m happy to recommend!

My Favorite Photography Wedding Package Add-On: Day-Before or After Sessions

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Even if you aren’t interested in the engagement session included in my top two wedding collections, there are so many options for this session. It can be turned into a day-before or day-after shoot or upgraded into a half-day adventure session. It relieves the pressure for all of your wedding events to take place in a single day.

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Day-after sessions remove timeline restrictions so you can focus on enjoying your time with your favorite people. These sessions also allow for a change of looks, colors, vibes, locations, etc. It creates a buffer both in your wedding photography schedule and for the possibility of unexpected weather. We can plan according to the best lighting possible without having to leave your reception for epic sunset photos.

Options include: putting back on your wedding attire or more of an elopement style feel out in nature or in the city (or both!). We actually created a super customized wedding collection based off of what these two truly wanted: wedding day coverage plus a day-after session at sunrise by the Lincoln Memorial.

They were so genuine to themselves and really put so much into having their day reflect the two of them. We still take portraits on the wedding day, so don’t worry! No matter the photography wedding package you select, you won’t miss a moment of your incredible day!

Let’s talk through which add-on options appeal to you the most!

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