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The Best Kept Secret For Epic Wedding Photos

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There are two components to your wedding day that are guaranteed to happen:  #1 you will get married and #2 your day will go by very fast. A way to extend your wedding day for the amount of time it truly deserves involves a wedding day secret I love to share: day before & day after photos.

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On wedding days, time is often at a premium. Relying upon just one day to capture each meaningful moment means we have to work as the day dictates. Having more than one day to shoot offers the opportunity to have better conditions and capture the BEST light!

Besides great photos, on your wedding day you want to spend time with the people you love! It can be a delicate balance finding the right amount of time for taking photos as a couple. With day before or day after wedding sessions, this allows you to be fully present with your guests.

bride and groom kiss


Day before or day after photo shoots are like a secret adventure for just the two of you; you can be fully present and with each other, not worrying about guests or dinner timelines or cake cutting duties. We can take our time and really be in the moment.

For the day after session with Jenn and Matt in Sorrento, Italy, Jenn decided to leave her hair down and loose instead of up like she had it on her wedding day. This caused the romance and sweetness of their wedding day to overflow right into their session.

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For a day before shoot, I’ll help you choose an amazing spot where you can still have your private first look. You can practice reading your vows to each other and spend time together without worrying about others being present.

Jenn and Matt opted for a day after session, which allowed us to shoot during blue hour, capturing that lovely fading light from sunset into evening. This set the perfect scene for allowing them to bask in the afterglow of their fantastic wedding, while enjoying the adventures around Sorrento, Italy. One little moment captured was making a stop by their favorite coffee shop in full wedding garb!

Doing these kinds of sessions allows for the intimacy of a small wedding, the adventure of an elopement, and the timeless magic that every wedding day should hold.

Did you know that you can select a wedding package the includes day before or day day sessions? I’d love to talk with you and explore your options! Say hey here!

bride and groom get coffee at coffee shop
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Bride and groom hold hands
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Bride and groom embrace and hold hands
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bride and groom kiss
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