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The boudoir


Modern boudoir is an investment in yourself and celebration of your body. 
It’s a day to flaunt your assets, feel crazy confident, and honor all your body has done for you in a safe space where light and shadow showcase your favorite features. Give yourself permission to embrace your inner Aphrodite—not someday, not maybe, but right now. 
These photos are for YOU. Yeah, they might be a gift for your partner, but that’s just a bonus. I want you to honor your achievements, milestones, and relationship with yourself. Indulge in this day (or even a full weekend!) to focus solely on you and your gorgeous body.
My approach to modern boudoir is all about lifting up your confidence. That means I’ll guide you every step of the way and accept you exactly as you are. I like to encourage everyone to bring outfits that make them feel beautiful, including at least one chill piece. Alongside those sexy lace panties and luxe lingerie, also bring the oversized tee and boy shorts. 

You’re going to walk out of your boudoir session feeling badass and beautiful.
Because YOU ARE.



Boudoir is sort of like skydiving. No, really. It’s a leap and probably outside your comfort zone, but you are freaking happy you jumped. It’s exhilarating to do something just. for. YOU.

 I take on a limited number of sessions per month so that I can give every woman my full attention and creativity.  So say hey via my contact form and we'll get this party started !

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When you book, I’ll guide you through the process so you arrive excited to flaunt your gorgeous, powerful body. And—bonus!—I make a new playlist for every client based on your favorite artists and songs so the vibe is totally you.
As soon as we are offical, I'll send over my guide for all things boudoir!
It includes more of what to expect during your session, beauty artists that I adore, as well as links to AMAZING lingerie shops!

You’ll bring two to three outfits, a mix of cozy loungewear and sexier options. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through picking colors and textures for lingerie that’ll photograph best in the space.

Everyone—seriously everyone—walks into my studio with some nerves. But with my help picking out the perfect lingerie to amp your confidence, along with the celebratory vibes (I mean, hello champagne and a killer music mix!), you’ll leave your session feeling like a queen.

When you arrive, we’ll celebrate with some champagne and chat about what makes you feel sexy. Your make up artist can come to the studio or you can go earlier in the day. 
Sessions last an average of 90 minutes, but we don't have a hard cut off time. I'll be guiding through exactly what to do throughout your session and really encourage movement so things feel super natural. 

Ready to have some fun!!?? 


One of my favorite parts of photographing boudoir is seeing you walk out of my studio feeling like a damn goddess!

Your edited photos will be ready three weeks after your session in a private, high-res online gallery. 


I can also help curate your boudoir album or select gorgeous, high-quality prints for your boudoir collection. One of the favorite things from my own boudoir session is the album. Every time I look at those photos I feel a boost of confidence and pride.

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Special offer when booked with a wedding

artwork collections from $800

$300 session fee

My focus is on what makes YOU feel freaking amazing. Find it. Own it. CELEBRATE IT. Through this experience, you'll see yourself in a positive, empowered lens. It is something every woman needs to do at least once in her life. You deserve it. 
Your power as a woman. Your personality.  Your love for your body. Your SEXY.

The details

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I just got my full gallery and I am blown away! I went in confidently trusting her vision and the results... artful beyond belief. I couldn't believe it was me in those photos. I saw strength, powerful femininity, confidence and certainty in self that I've fought for years to find. Letting go and loving yourself looks good on anyone, trust me friend. I could write a book on what this session and the resulting images mean to me. 

Thank you for showing me an artists look at who I am and the power I hold during this season of my life. That's a gift I can never repay. 

Shenandoah, VA


OMG!!! 😍😍😍 I COULD NOT believe it was me in the photos! They are gorgeous, thank you so much Shelly. It was an amazing experience!

Gallatin House Studio


Shelly did a boudoir session for me and completely blew me away! It has been quite a few years since being in front of a camera so naturally I was a little hesitant. From our first email to the day of the shoot Shelly was very professional and responsive. She made me feel super comfortable, was super patient with me, and gave clear directions on how to move around and pose resulting in some amazing shots!

philadelphia, PA


Shelly is so dang talented. The session was a blast!

She captured the magic of what is this season of my life so beautifully and is a true blessing!



Boudoir is a great way to get out of your own head. It is an exercise in radical self love- something I am working on every day. Sometimes you just need someone to show you yourself through a different lens.  Shelly made me feel so comfortable the entire shoot and got me lookin' like a FOX!! 

Gallatin House Studio



I cannot wait to hear all about your story, personalities, and dreams! Say hey with the form below! 

To Hear from you!