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Washington, DC Adventurous Elopement Package

Couple has first look in home at Washington, DC elopement

Do you have an idea of the time it takes to do an adventurous elopement? I hear so often from my Washington, DC couples that in switching from a traditional wedding to an elopement package that they expect it to take less time. Your elopement can absolutely be short if it is literally just the two of you saying “I do” and then heading off to your honeymoon. But, your day is so much more than a photoshoot–it is an experience that you will reflect upon for a lifetime. Follow along below with this couple’s timeline for some elopement inspiration!

Why You Should Make Your Elopement Day Your Own

Despite being a low-budget elopement with a guest list of basically zero, Lauren and Chris’ day was a full-on adventure perfectly suited to them. They took complete advantage of their Washington, DC elopement package by using the entire day. Besides having a few friends drop by after their first look, the rest of their day was just the two of them. 

It began with friends delivering the wedding cake and joining their recessional with bubbles and a flower girl gently dropping flower petals along the path. After this we were off for their Washington, DC elopement adventure!

Why Your Elopement Day is More Than Just a Ceremony

Traditionally, elopements only meant running off to the courthouse to get married amidst a long line of couples. Today, elopements are a totally different ball game. They are a chance to make your wedding day completely personalized. 

Eloping removes all the pressure and expectations from other people, giving you the time and space to do what YOU want! An elopement all-day package allows this to be one of your best days together! I also firmly believe in extending the package to day before or day after sessions especially for destination elopements! The options are limitless! I’m happy to craft a package that best tells your story!

Why Your Elopement Day Should Tell Your Story

Couple embraces at Washington, DC elopement

So many of my elopement couples think that they only need two hours of coverage so they can exchange vows, take a few portraits, and call it a day. Two hours is simply NOT enough time to document your experience! Even though it is not a traditional wedding, you will still have many beautiful, intentional details that are absolutely worth capturing. 

Picture this: morning mimosas as you’re getting ready, a visit to the special spots of your dating journey, relaxing at a meal with cocktails, or going to an epic spot for sunset. This is what’s possible on an elopement day where you create the space to just be with your person. 

Those magical, excited, butterflies-in-the-stomach feels are still happening and they are a big part of your story. We aren’t just taking photos, we are crafting your memories. I can be there to document it ALL!

Why You Should Be Inspired by This Couple’s Elopement

The overarching vibe of Lauren and Chris’ day was utter JOY! These newlyweds were simply excited to marry their best friend and it was my job to capture the joy of their day. The timeline below is for six hours, and honestly we needed eight! The day ended perfectly but we had to cut out visiting the DC War Memorial and having a charcuterie/cocktail snack date because we simply ran out of time. 

Couple sits on steps of Lincoln Memorial at Washington, DC elopement

The more time in your Washington, DC elopement package, the more options that are available in going to different locations! You two can go to all your favorite places across Washington, DC, go on an epic hike with gorgeous views, or travel to an amazing destination. Elopements mean you get to have your own special adventure and the best part is there are NO RULES. 

I TOTALLY get that it’s hard to envision what you could do in Washington, DC all day for your elopement. The short answer is: SO MUCH! We could spend the entire day in the city going to different neighborhoods and exploring Rock Creek Park. We could also start off in Washington, DC and drive out to Shenandoah National Park or Great Falls Park if y’all are nature lovers and want to incorporate both! 

Check out Lauren and Chris’ elopement timeline below and let me know what ideas you have for your own!

Lauren & Chris’ Elopement Day Timeline

  • 1:00 PM Get Ready

Bride video chatted with parents & grandparents as she was getting ready in their town home.

  • 1:30 PM First Look

First look in the living room that they decorated with greenery and candles for an elegant, romantic feel.

  • 1:45 PM Friends Arrive

Their friend made them a gorgeous cake and her daughter, threw petals as the two walked to their car. It had been decorated with the cutest “Just Married” sign and cans!

  • 2:15 PM Arrive at Rock Creek Park

They are planning a larger winter wedding in 2022 and it had snowed a few days before their elopement so we were able to get those hints of winter!

  • 3:15 PM Arrive at 12th Street

12th street is where the two shared their first home together on this super colorful street!

  • 3:55 PM Arrive at Blagden Alley

The wonderful owners of Columbia Room in Blagden Alley had a celebratory goodie bag with personalized cocktails waiting for them!

  • 4:35 PM Arrive at Lincoln Memorial

The two often walked to the Lincoln Memorial to just hang out and chat. The day turned out to be a cloudy one so we got some moody portraits!

  • 6:00 PM Arrive Back Home

They had a self-uniting ceremony in their living room surrounded by candlelight. This was followed by their first dance, cake-cutting, champagne toasts, and sparklers! They ordered in a special dinner from their favorite Washington, DC restaurant and even used their save-the-dates as name cards.

  • 7:00 PM Coverage Ends

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