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The Perfect Fit: an Intimate Wedding Day with Film Wedding Photography

I always find it interesting that the more a couple obsesses over planning out their day and making it “perfect,” the less it looks like them. But, when I encounter a couple who has a very go-with-the-flow wedding style, the day ends up reflecting their personality. Even though they initially shared their vision, this couple allowed me to take it where I thought we should go, allowing all the creative juices to flow. A day with a distinct vision but wiggle room for creativity is the perfect combination! Watch how this couple’s vibe matched their day through both the digital and film wedding photography that we captured.

couple looks together holding hands at waterside wedding

A Family-Owned Waterfront Backdrop to Film Wedding Photography

couple walks holding hands along waterfront wedding venue

The entire day held the feel of an elopement combined with an intimate family celebration. The ceremony was held on a cliff above a beach in the neighborhood of the family-owned Annapolis, Maryland home. It was an elopement-styled private ceremony that only included the friend who officiated and their photographer (that’s ME!) capturing it with both digital and film wedding photography.

couple exchanges vows during wedding ceremony

I really enjoyed their choice of making the ceremony portion of the day completely private and saving the parts to be shared with family and friends for the reception. They wanted to reserve the most intimate moments of the day just for the two of them. Splitting your day into two different wedding types is just one example of the many ways you can incorporate private moments into your day.

Lex and Kyle also did their first look and couple’s portraits on the cliff overlooking the beach. These two later returned to a different spot on the beach for their playful sunset session before returning to the party. I really enjoyed the range of colors and light we got throughout the day at the various locations.

couple stands along waterfront at beach with film wedding photography
Film photograph

Why Couples Add Film Wedding Photography to their Day

As a tattoo artist, the bride really loves the tangible nostalgic aspect of film wedding photography. We incorporated digital as well as wedding photography on film throughout their day. The film photography vs the digital cast a cooler light on these shots mixing in a varied look for the gallery. Digital and film photography each have their own special way of capturing the wedding day moments. As an artist myself, I love how film adds touches of whimsy to the photos.

Digital and film photography each have their own special way of capturing the wedding day moments. The day itself and how we captured it truly represented the couple. It was a creative and chill event that included family and friends but maintained private time for the newlyweds. Incorporating a film photography project into the day only further supported and tied together their wedding day design.

We just had a really great time, and as Lex summarized, “I think your work is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the way you edit your photos. You capture the essence of each couple so well.” Capturing the essence of these two on their wedding day both in digital and film was such an easy thing to do!

couple walks hand in hand along waterfront captured by film wedding photography

Wedding Details that Bring Out the Couples Personality

There was such an easy-going flow to the day without any pressure or an overly-filled wedding day timeline. Instead, the day was a layered cake of little details strung together that highlighted both the couple’s love for each other and for their closest people. Some detail highlights include:

  • Unique wedding invitations: ace of hearts playing card style invitations.
  • DIY wedding accessories: ace of hearts playing card style cufflinks for the groom.
dried wildflower bouquet captured by film wedding photography
  • Unique wedding bands: matching his & hers gold signet rings with “Till Death” engraved on each.
couple embraces with gold wedding signet rings
  • Pizza catering from Timber Pizza Co: without a formal sit-down dinner time at the reception.

The couple started off their intimate reception with a grand entrance after their ceremony where they expressed their thanks to everyone and gave lots of hugs! The entire evening was very casual including lawn games (cornhole with Mr. & Mrs. bags and Jenga) with a photo slideshow playing inside of the house.

Film Wedding Photography Shows How a Couple Just Fits

Lex had done a bridal boudoir session to surprise Kyle with as a wedding gift. All of her friends knew and were watching for his reaction when the couple slipped away so she could give him the album. As Lex describes how they work as a couple, “We clicked immediately, and while we have a lot in common, we are also complete opposites. I’m a little more of a reserved, creative type and he is really goofy, outgoing and super athletic.”

Despite their differences, as Lex explains, it just works: “What I think we would like to remember most about our relationship is how genuinely we love each other with such an unspoken understanding. We just get each other and we balance each other extremely well. We each have what the other lacks and we bring out the best in one another.” From their private ceremony to an intimate celebration followed by a sparkler exit, the film wedding photography captured a day that simply pointed to their love!

couple sits on bench watching sunset captured by film wedding photography
Film photograph
couple kisses captured by film wedding photography
Film photograph
couple walks holding hands by waterfront captured by film wedding photography
couple embraces by waterfront captured by film wedding photography
Film photograph

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