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Wedding Style Inspiration to Put Your Personality into the Wedding Day

couple exchanges vows with wedding rope during ceremony

White dress, white flowers, white shoes. Through the blur of photographing so many weddings over the years, they all start to look the same. That’s why when someone creates a wedding experience that’s special to them, it really stands out. Let these couples inspire you to incorporate your personality into your own wedding style!

How to Incorporate Your Story & Personality into Your Wedding Style

If there isn’t only one right way to plan a wedding, then there certainly isn’t a template you must follow to create a singular wedding style. Your wedding day is about the two of you, not anyone else. So the design, style, wedding day timeline, and all that your day includes should reflect that.

Your wedding day is all about the connectivity that exists between the two of you and those closest to you. Celebrating your love story on your wedding day through your wedding style looks so different from one couple to another. The wedding day is a celebration of your unique love story that only happens once. Why make it look like anyone else’s?

There are a few major areas that are easy to start with in personalizing your wedding day:

couple embraces at sunset on DC rooftop wedding venue
  • Location: so much of a wedding’s design is determined by your wedding venue (or elopement location) and the decor, color palette, florals, or other elements that are possible within that spot. The time of day, season, and whether your wedding is indoors, outdoors, or both can also bring out both the bright and more subdued couple’s personalities!
guests clap at table in backyard wedding reception
  • Food: share your favorite dishes you love cooking together, if you’re foodies, a beloved restaurant or brewery; a spot from a first date/anniversary, or any traditional family dishes. You can even bring everyone in on it and turn your wedding meal into a potluck!
couple pours spices into mason jar at outdoor wedding
  • Wardrobe: this is one of the easiest ways to individualize your wedding day! Even if you opt to wear something white, you can switch it up with white silk pants instead of a dress and add a leather jacket or other accessories! Something as simple as sunglasses can bring personality to your photos. Many brides will also change into a dress for the reception that can be a completely different color and style. Shoes are so easy to diversify your look: add a pop of color by wearing multi-colored heels!
bridesmaids embrace with bride holding bouquets at outdoor wedding
  • Activities/Experiences: provide entertainment, interactive activities, or other wedding guest experiences. Turn your wedding into an intimate dinner then a game night! 
artistic wedding style at art gallery wedding venue with musician performing
couple dances with band at wedding reception

Wedding Style Ideas & Inspiration

groomsmen play with musicians at bluegrass theme wedding

If the day is centered around you, you’re never going to regret those decisions. The experience increases in meaning and magic with little pieces of y’all incorporated into your wedding style. There are plenty of additional categories that provide plenty of opportunities to make your day your own in minor and sometimes even private ways:

  • Music: special song choices and dances, live band vs a DJ.
  • Gifts: Marvel-themed socks with matching cufflinks for groomsmen, custom flasks for the wedding party.
  • Details: creative ring boxes or guest books.
  • Getting Ready: getting ready together or doing an entirely different first look location.
  • Pets: include your furry friends for parts or all of your day. Name signature cocktails after your pets and provide dog treats as wedding favors!


Share what you love, if it’s the arts, host your wedding at an art gallery. If the two of you share an obsession, hobby, or interest then ya’ll can go for a themed wedding. Save yourself some trouble in creating a wedding style by choosing a theme that’s already set! Even if you don’t want every aspect of your wedding to be themed, you can still include parts of the day that reflect this.

lord of the rings themed wedding party sign
Lord of the Rings theme

Capturing Your Wedding Aesthetic as Your Wedding Photographer

couple embraces with flowing veil at Game of Thrones themed wedding
Game of Thrones theme

My photography approach is deeply rooted in capturing and celebrating my couple’s unique stories and personalities. I showcase that deep connection visually by photographing you two through the lens of your wedding style. My goal is always for you to see yourselves in your photos and be able to relive that experience.

Telling a couple’s story always starts with the engagement session. How can we incorporate your existing style whether it’s the opposite of the wedding (urban vs outdoors) or in line with it (wedding colors matching home decor) starting with your engagement session? It’s my pleasure to begin there and carry your story all the way through to your big day!

couple dances while lifted up on shoulders and chairs at wedding reception

Feeling inspired? Tell me what wedding style feels the most like the two of you!

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