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How to Show Off Your Engagement Session Outfit Style

Couple holds each other at Baltimore engagement session

This couple wanted their engagement photos to showcase their personality and reflect their life together exactly as it is right now. To put on display who they are as a couple through their engagement session outfit style, the places we visited, and how they expressed their love for one another. All of this came naturally to them and was easy for my lens to capture!

Black Stars, Black Home, & Black Hat

Couple kisses while seated on bench at Baltimore engagement session

We started off Victoria and Derek’s engagement session outside of their row house in downtown Baltimore. These two love the color black and painted the entire outside of their home completely in this color! Most everything inside the house is black with white and exposed brick accents. Their home has an edgy style throughout that they naturally brought to their engagement session outfit style.

The use of black stars were crucial not only to the look of their engagement session but also to their wedding day. Victoria and Derek both wore black from head to toe at their engagement session with Victoria adding a wide brim hat and white jacket. The jacket checked off her starry needs with a black star pattern throughout.

Skateboards + Kisses All Day Long

Couple stands on black skateboard together at Baltimore engagement session

We utilized the inside and outside of their row house as well as some skateboarding on their street! Skateboarding is one of Victoria and Derek’s favorite activities to do together. Their love for it went all the way to their wedding day in using the bottom of a skateboard as their guest book!

My goal for any couple’s photos is to see themselves at a particular moment in time. Our lives all change so much over the years. But, with photos that represent your current life and style, you’ll be able to relive this special time. With an engagement session outfit and location like these two had, the newness and excitement of the moment will never go away!

Couple rides skateboard together at Baltimore engagement session

Here’s How You Can Capture the Present in Your Engagement Photos:

  • Take photos at “your place” whether that’s your home or favorite park or restaurant!
  • Walk around your neighborhood and favorite neighborhoods/cities that you visit for fun.
  • Do things you two like to do TOGETHER. Make it a perfect date day! Maybe you two love pizza nights or going to speakeasies with fancy cocktails. We can incorporate that!
Couple runs holding hands in street at Baltimore engagement session

There are so many location options to choose from that show off your interests and personality as a couple:

  • Are y’all more city people or find yourselves spending more time in nature? Maybe both?
  • Perhaps taking a hike, going on a picnic, visiting your favorite brewery, strolling through the city, going on a coffee date, or hanging out by the water?
  • OR if you’re really the adventurous type, you could experience something totally new together!
  • What are the traditions y’all have? Maybe you go on several camping trips a year and those are amazing experiences for you. Well, we’d want to pull from that for your shoot! This could look like going somewhere close by that’s surrounded by nature, hiking your favorite trail, or visiting a brand new spot!
  • You can experience the current season by taking winter photos in the city or having a frozen waterside proposal!

Perhaps Try an Adventure Instead

Couple runs holding hands in street at Baltimore engagement session

Think about what type of place fills you up that might even be more than one location. If you want to really dive into capturing your relationship then I HIGHLY recommend an adventure session! It is an upgrade from the basic engagement session that allows us to spend a whole day together!

This could look like exploring a few spots in one area such as a day in Washington, DC, then off to Shenandoah for the sunset. Or it could have us stopping at breweries along the way, and ending at Assateague Island with wild horses and a gorgeous beach! Who knows where adventuring could take us! What does a day full of adventuring look like to you?

Pro Tip: Celebrate your life RIGHT NOW through your engagement photos.

Couple sits with their cat at Baltimore engagement session

Making sure that we celebrate your present life means that we may just have to include your fur babies. Victoria and Derek have several cats who like most pets were happy to join us! 

Along with their home and pets, Victoria and Derek wanted to showcase where they spend their time together in their city! They love Fells Point, a neighborhood by the Baltimore harbor where they will often take their skateboards. After some skateboarding fun, we ventured down to the water for the sunset!

It’s always so meaningful to have at least one stop during your engagement session that really feels like home to the two of you. We can always incorporate that new adventurous spot you would like to try as well!

If you’re wondering how on earth to showcase your lives now and still get killer photos, then let’s talk! I would love to help!

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