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Rajni and Brian | D.C. Engagement Photographer

D.C. Engagement Photographer | Rajni and Brian

DC Engagement Photographer

Doing engagement photos in a place that is meaningful to our clients is my JAM.

Not only do we get to discover cool new places in DC, I think it makes people just feel more comfortable when photos are taken in their special places. 

Rajni and Brian live in the funky “Ad Mo” (Adams Morgan) part of town. So that’s where we made the magic happen!

We started Rajni and Brian’s engagement session at The Line. It is a super swanky-fun hotel that has a lot of preserved history.

They really wanted their session to reflect the look and feel of their life at this moment. Which I think is super important.

It’s pretty cool to look back at your “engaged life” after you get married and see all the love and excitement that was there.

So, on we went to Meridian Hill Park just up the road! It is a perfect place for engagement portraits because it has a park-like setting for natural outdoorsy photos, and some stunning architecture to work with.

It’s sometimes known as “Malcolm X Park” by the locals.

Then we hopped on over to Swan Street, which has sometimes been called one of DC’s “Most Romantic Streets.”

All you have to do is hold hands and stroll on down the tree-lined row houses and the results of the photos are charming.

Just in time for sunset, we did some romantic and playful wine-infused photos on Rajni and Brian’s rooftop.

Every stop of this session was important to them, and I think you can really see the love and connection between them!

The last stop was The Reading Room, which is their favorite cocktail bar and I can see why! Along with some fantastic looking concoctions, this place in Petworth Citizen is described as a “Nerd Speakeasy” full of books.

Their head bartender reads a book each week and creates the Reading Room’s menu based off it and they are AMAZING! Not only does it have the themed cocktails- it is also a lending library. It’s like having your own book club every weekend!

Thinking about doing an engagement session?

You can do them anywhere, and we mean anywhere!

It can be a stroll around your favorite places like Rajni and Brian did, or it can be something as simple as a coffee date at your favorite local coffee haunt.

How about we join you for pancakes on Sunday morning? Or maybe a night of Netflix and wine hanging out with both of you (and furry friends if you have any!).

Whatever is meaningful to you will make meaningful photos. Let’s talk about how we can help you personalize your engagement session! Contact us here!

Couple overlooks Adams Morgan Washington DC during sunset

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