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When & Where To Take Engagement Photos in Georgetown

Couple walks holding hands at Georgetown engagement session

Georgetown is one of the TOP locations I love taking my couples to for their engagement session. This Washington, DC neighborhood is a super popular place for couples shots and engagement photos and it’s no secret why! Georgetown is full of classic Washington, DC charm with such a variety of beautiful spots. These are my best tips for when and where to do your own Georgetown engagement photos!

When To Do Your Georgetown Engagement: Season

Couple walks holding hands at Georgetown engagement session

Since most of the beautiful spots Georgetown has to offer are found in the outdoors, it’s important to keep in mind the weather, time of day, and time of year that we capture your engagement photos. The nice thing is there’s really no wrong season to take photos in Georgetown! Even in the winter, the neighborhood has all those magical feels.

Here’s my Pro Tip: Consider avoiding taking photos during major holidays. If you don’t want all the historic houses decorated with big spider webs, Santa Claus’, pumpkins, etc. then I would avoid Halloween and Christmas-time because people go all out!

But, if themed or more bold photos are what you’re going for, like these two with their matching trench coats and t-shirts, then let’s make it happen! Their engagement outfits truly popped against the muted tones of Georgetown’s winter color scheme.

There are so many things we can do to make your photos more seasonal or tie it in with a specific theme. In the fall you can play in the fallen leaves and land at Baked & Wired for warm coffee and tasty cupcakes! If you’re even more playful and adventurous, consider summer! This season offers a palette of bold, beautiful colors from rich greens to a rainbow of florals that serve as the perfect backdrop to your love story.

Couple walks together at Georgetown engagement session
Couple poses in front of painted wall at Georgetown engagement session
Couple walks holding hands at Georgetown engagement session
Couple twirls holding hands at Georgetown engagement session

When To Do Your Georgetown Engagement: Time of Day

Couple kisses at Georgetown engagement session

No matter the season, or whether this is an engagement session or a proposal, doing your session at sunset is such a beautiful option. Seeing the sun set over the Potomac River creates the most epic golden hour!

Most photographers, myself included, prefer to shoot during golden hour when the sun is nice and low. With Georgetown, a sunrise engagement session can actually be even better! HERE’S WHY:

  1. There are hardly any people around–privacy, space, popular areas like the waterfront and canal are empty of shoppers and tourists.
  2. It will be way cooler in the morning if your session is during the warmer seasons.
  3. We’ll catch super pretty pink colors mixing with the blue of the water.
  4. You’ll have your whole day ahead of you after your session! My vote is definitely doing a date brunch to celebrate!
  5. Another great thing about Georgetown is it is easy to pair with sunrise at the monuments!
Couple holds hands at Georgetown engagement session

If you’re looking to do something different or aren’t sure how to prepare in general for your engagement session, check out my top tips and take a look at some engagement session outfit inspiration!

Couple embraces at Georgetown engagement session

Where To Do Your Georgetown Session

Couple walks holding hands at Georgetown engagement session

Georgetown has no shortage of amazing spots! For nature lovers, the waterfront is perfect as well as the ivy-covered stone steps. My usual method for guiding a couple through their Georgetown engagement photos is starting at the waterfront and working our way backwards through the row houses or vice versa! Passing the historic C&O Canal, it is such a great mix of nature right in the city.

At some point, I love having the couple stop at one of their favorite spots like Baked & Wired for coffee and cupcakes or grabbing bubble tea. Then we continue our walk past the endless colorful row houses with killer staircases and textures to gush over. You just need to keep in mind that visiting gardens like Tudor Place and Dumbarton Oaks require photography permits.

Couple twirls at Georgetown engagement session
Couple laughs at Georgetown engagement session

Why To Do Your Engagement Photos in Georgetown

Couple walks holding hands at Georgetown engagement session

If you are a couple that loves nature AND the city then Georgetown is the place for you! It’s always the location I suggest for couples who love both! If you’re interested in hosting your wedding there too, man do I have some gorgeous recommendations!

Outside of classic Washington, DC spots such as the monuments and unique experiences like the cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin at springtime, Georgetown truly stands out. It is a preserved area of Washington, DC that allows you to step back in time as you walk the brick and cobblestone streets past the historic row houses. I just can’t get enough of this ivy-covered and intricate timeless place.

Ready for your Georgetown engagement session? Let’s get planning!

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