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6 Reasons to Have a Small & Intimate Wedding

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The script for what a perfect wedding “should be” is changing, and this photographer is all about that. Everyone should have the type of wedding that makes them happy. Here are six reasons why having a small and intimate wedding is the perfect way to do your own thing!

Intimate weddings have recently increased in popularity, and are a perfect solution to the current need for smaller gatherings. The average count for weddings is usually 100 and above, but an intimate wedding can go as low as 50 guests or fewer. So, what exactly are those reasons that make small, intimate weddings better than large-scale weddings?

#1 Budget Better and Get Creative with the Venue

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An intimate wedding doesn’t just mean fewer people. Since a huge chunk of the wedding budget goes to food, drinks, and table floral arrangements, less of this is needed when there are not as many guests.

With a short guest list at a small, intimate wedding venue this means fewer tables, and your dining and wining expenses are greatly reduced. As a result, much more creative freedom is allowable in choosing intimate wedding venues.

There are a multitude of options for small, intimate wedding venues. There is a unique venue out there to match your personalities and interests such as an arboretum, garden, backyard, or a place with a full view of the sunset.

#2 Invest in Your Memories

Wedding days happen in a flash and you barely know when the time is up. Apart from walking away with a partner for life, the next best thing is your intimate wedding photos. Strategizing your budget gives you the reasons you need to invest in things that will provide more long-lasting joy such as hiring your dream small and intimate wedding photographer.

Not only hiring your dream photographer, but having the ability to select customized packages that can make the experience more meaningful and personalized. You then are able to invest in and document your experience, creating the ability to relive these joyous moments for the rest of your life together.

#3 Celebrate with the Right People

One important reason for planning an intimate wedding is it limits the guest list to people you value the most. Instead of spending your wedding day meeting strangers, you can spend time with your favorite people.

An intimate wedding is never about the famous guest list, delicious food, elegant venue, or beautiful wedding attire. It’s about capturing all the important moments with the right people.

#4 Don’t Stress About the Timeline

Couple are cheered after getting married

Less pressure on the day means the timeline can become a guide instead of a strict schedule that causes stress. Seeing too many people and being overly time-constrained can drain your energy. It is in these times that you can fail to appreciate the little moments of the day. Instead it can be relaxing & fun!

#5 It’s Your Party, It’s OK to Cry a Little

Planning a small, intimate wedding means you have the freedom to make the day whatever you wish it to be. It’s OK to laugh, play around, and even cry a little (tears of joy of course!). Knowing that your loved ones are present on your big day is comforting, and it’s even more comforting to know that you can look back at these moments.

Later on, you’ll reminisce about your intimate wedding photos and remember how much joy you felt celebrating with people who are dear to you. One of the many reasons why you went with a small, intimate wedding.

You may not realize it, but saving money on an intimate wedding goes a long way. Now that cleared the way in switching to a small, intimate wedding, how about booking that dream honeymoon destination?!

#6 Create an Experience

Couple holds hands at their Iceland elopement

Your wedding should be connected, memorable, and wholly creative. Whatever it is that makes your heart beat the hardest should be incorporated into the day.

It could be an activity: a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter flight over an epic mountain top, or an exploration of the Oregon Coast. Think about your best days together, and incorporate those qualities into this one.

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