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What You Need to Know About Your Full-Day Oregon Coast Elopement

Couple sits on sand at Oregon coast elopement

One of the main things I hear my couples say they wished they had more of on their elopement day is TIME. Traditionally, an elopement was thought of as something rushed, thrown together last minute, or done in some sort of unideal way. Speaking from experience, it’s actually the opposite! Here’s what you need to know in order to plan a full-day elopement with more time as you’ll see in this Oregon Coast elopement.

Time to Relish Each Moment

Choosing to elope doesn’t mean you have to move fast or be rushed through your day. You instead get to slow down, relish the most precious moments, and take as much time as you need to enjoy the entire day.

Often, I think it is hard for couples to visualize taking a full day for their elopement. They think there will be too much time to kill or that they will run out of things to do!

The Question: What would we do for 8 hours–just the two of us??

The Answer: Have a meaningful experience that is perfectly crafted for YOU!

Time to Do Things YOUR Way

We started Ash and Adam’s day by capturing them getting ready. They made the unique choice to prep together and share that butterflies-in-your-stomach experience! To cool their nerves and savor the day, they had an impromptu dance party! It totally set the mood for the remainder of our time. Adam then had the honors of buttoning up Ash’s dress and she helped him with his amazing bolo tie.

We weren’t rushed like an average wedding day where venue coordinators and family pressures often call the shots. So, I was able to photograph all the little details. From Ash’s earrings and shoes to their handmade vow books, none of this couple’s efforts to personalize their wedding day were missed. Taking the time to capture the more intimate and candid moments is one of my favorite benefits of taking the day slowly. Another option is to start even a little earlier if you add a day-before or day-after session!

Groom buttons up bride's wedding dress at Oregon coast elopement
Couple writes vows at Oregon coast elopement

Time for the Unexpected

The ocean at the Oregon coast elopement
Couple exchanges vows at Oregon coast elopement

Following getting gussied up together, we departed for the Oregon Coast for their elopement ceremony! Man, it was SO cold and windy. I almost got completely blown over at one point! The crazy strong winds were spraying us with sea water, so needless to say, we were all a little wet.

Ash originally had white boots she was going to wear, but in light of the storm we opted for more durable shoes. She ended up loving the way the wind blew her dress and how the sand gathered at the fringes. These two just took all of the wet and wind in as part of their journey and just embraced it!! The newlyweds saw the misty conditions as part of their story and thought it was all magic.

But, if we didn’t have the whole day to spend as we had liked, we never would have been able to work through the weather of this Oregon Coast elopement to get the amazing shots that we did! That’s why I always recommend adding a second day to your wedding or elopement to get all the shots!

Time to Capture Each Memory

Couple walks beach together at Oregon coast elopement
Couple kisses at Oregon coast elopement
Couple cuddles under blanket at Oregon coast elopement

We took our time exploring the cape and found the perfect spot for the two to exchange their personal vows. The night concluded back at their Airbnb where Briar and Ivy had the most breathtaking tablescape set up for them. Ash and Adam’s first act as newlyweds was enjoying milk and cookies BEFORE dinner surrounded by twinkle lights!

One of the best parts of eloping is that there is no set schedule, no rushing, being stressed or running late. Yes, we make a plan with a timeline, but treat it more as a guide and then LET THE DAY TAKE US!

Ready to plan your elopement day? I would love to hear your ideas!

Couple has cookies and milk at Oregon coast elopement
Couple walks beach at Oregon coast elopement
Ocean water crashes on the sand at Oregon coast elopement

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