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What To Do if Your Wedding Day Is Postponed

Wedding rings and accessories at postponed wedding day

There are some couples who I feel I am part of (or at least a witness to) their full journey. Shireen and Ryan are one of those special couples. After two postponements due to 2020 restrictions, they decided to elope on the anniversary of their very first date (see their beautiful elopement right here). This was followed by a vow renewal on the same day a year later in the spot where they eloped. If your wedding day ended up being postponed due to the limitations of 2020, or if you are currently in the middle of a wedding postponement, then this story is for YOU!

Wedding rings at postponed wedding day

A Wedding Day Postponed

As their spring 2020 wedding day approached, the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing. It was right during the lockdown, a period when there was still not much known about how to handle the virus. Like so many couples experienced, Shireen and Ryan had to completely shift their wedding plans. After having planned their wedding for over a year, Shireen and Ryan were initially extremely disappointed.

Once they decided to elope and have a vow renewal/anniversary party the following year, their sadness turned into excitement! We were all ecstatic when their 2021 date arrived and it was finally safe enough to have their vow renewal and celebration!

Shireen’s dad drove her in his vintage car to the coolest place for their first look. Shireen had stumbled upon Dominion Lighting and after sharing her vision with me–I was crazy about it! As a photographer, I loved shooting in this lighting store and getting creative with all of the reflected lights! I just couldn’t get enough of her dress and wedding florals reflecting off of all that glass. Check out the magic that we created together in this amazing space!

Bride hugs father at postponed wedding day

Gathering Together at Their Favorite Spot

Shireen and Ryan then stood under the gazebo for a second time at Frady Park in Falls Church, Virginia. These two were soooo ready to renew their vows and celebrate, finally surrounded by friends and family. After some long-awaited family photos, we headed to 2941 Restaurant to party! Wander + Whimsy Floral worked their magic, transforming the space into a romantic, vibrant wonderland of beauty.

Pink bouquet on table setting at postponed wedding day

Although it wasn’t their original vision, Shireen & Ryan were happy that they were finally able to celebrate with a postponed wedding day AND have a little piece of it that was just for them. They ended up getting the best of both worlds: an intimate, symbolic ceremony plus a large celebration with family and friends!

“The cancellation of our wedding was a blessing in disguise.”

As Shireen and Ryan described it, “at the end of the day, your wedding day is about you and your best friend. The cancellation of our wedding was a blessing in disguise.” They didn’t have to worry about anyone else’s opinions or schedules. This couple could focus solely on themselves, their love, and their commitment to one another. And the best part of it all (as these two realized) was the fact that “You can always have a party later!” And they did!

Couple kisses in vintage car at postponed wedding day

Rescheduling a postponed wedding day? I’m here to help!

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