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Golden Fields Sunset Engagement Session in Manassas, Virginia

Couple embraces at sunset engagement session in manassas virginia

Talk about two beautiful souls. Photographing Sumeet and Jobin’s engagement session right before sunset in the golden fields of Manassas, Virginia gave us the BEST light. It was such a pleasure to capture!

Choosing the Perfect Location

These two could not have picked a more romantic setting for their session. We chased that golden light all around those tall-grass fields, playing and laughing along the way. These two were up for whatever which made their session such a delight!

It makes your photos so much more meaningful when you two are just being YOU. This is so much better than the super stiff say-cheese-at-the-camera poses. Sumeet and Jobin were preparing to exchange their vows in a beautiful ceremony in India later the same year!

This couple’s outfits were on point as we ventured out to the National Battlefield Park in Manassas, Virgina for their engagement photos. Sumeet’s henna was just the most incredible thing. I love all of the details and the special quality it adds to their photos.

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What to Wear to Your Session

SIDE NOTE: I feel like so many people have NO IDEA what to wear for their engagement sessions. I think florals are the bomb, especially in a natural environment creating a pretty simple background. Sumeet and Jobin’s attire complemented their sunset engagement location in Manassas, Virginia perfectly. They are definitely worth showcasing!

The trick is that you want to be comfortable in your outfit but you don’t want it to be distracting and take away the focus from you two. Neutrals are the way to go! Now, this does not mean just black, white, or grey, as you can see.

Every color has a neutral. Mustard is a neutral of yellow while navy and denim are neutrals for blue. Reds you want to stay away from as the color will be reflected so this means that they will make your partner’s face look pink! When you look at your photos you want to focus right on you two, your relationship, and not be distracted by a neon green shirt!

Take a look below and learn from these pros! Not sure what to wear to your engagement session? I’m here to help!

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