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How to Stay Cool at Your Summer Engagement Photos

couple sits alongside pond capturing summer engagement photos

In the DC Metro Area, summers are hot. That’s why most outdoor weddings happen during the more temperate seasons of the year such as spring, fall, or even winter. Often it’s unavoidable that you need to take your engagement photos within the summer months. This means we capture your photos indoors or brainstorm outdoor engagement photo ideas to beat the humidity that’s coming after your engagement photo hairstyles! Here are my best ideas pulling from real couples’ experiences of how to stay cool during your summer engagement photos!

Tips for Staying Cool at Your Summer Engagement Photos

couple walks along boardwalk under trees at engagement session

This couple wanted to capture their Baltimore, Maryland city life spent with their sweet pup. We decided to take outdoor city engagement photos to document this moment in time.

Time of Day

  • Sunrise or Sunset: sunrise will be cooler, but the point is that you want to avoid being outdoors during midday. The light is harsh and it becomes super hot. You don’t want to feel or look sweaty in your engagement photos! This couple opted for sunset engagement photos to avoid the summer heat and we caught the most beautiful golden hour.
  • If midday ends up working out best for your schedule then move your engagement session indoors.

Engagement Photo Ideas for Cooling Off During Your Session

Just like I recommend for outdoor engagement photos taken in winter months, find ways to use both indoor and outdoor locations to balance the temperature whether it’s to keep warm or stay cool!

  • Beautiful indoor city locations like an art museum.
  • Shaded outdoor areas like a picnic in a park.
couple holds each other lying in grass at summer engagement photos
  • Since we were already in their city, Rachel & Mitch cooled off at their favorite ice cream spot for a sweet, cold treat!
couple cheers ice cream cones at summer engagement photos

You can also go swimming in the ocean, or in a lake, river, or pool like this other couple did! We met at sunrise to avoid the summer heat and after playing along the rocks and beach, they decided to move our party to the water. We waited until the end of the session so they could jump into the water! These are some of my favorite engagement session moments–so naturally playful while still super romantic.

couple walks holding hands along sunrise waterfront
couple embraces on sand at sunrise engagement session
couple walks holding hands walking through lake

Summer Engagement Photos Outfits

When figuring out what to wear for engagement photos, it’s important to keep these tips in mind:

  • Wear lighter, cooler fabrics. Even though linen is lighter and breathable, keep in mind that it also wrinkles easily. 
  • Ladies, choose engagement shoot outfits with long flowing fabric that both looks epic and keeps you cool! 
  • I always suggest that couples do at least two outfits to provide variety and show off their unique style. If you are someone who always runs warmer, plan on a third outfit so you can change if needed and remain feeling fresh.

For more on what to wear and how to best prepare for your engagement session, check out my Engagement Session Prep Guide & Engagement Outfit Guide!

Including Your Pet in Summer Engagement Photos

couple holds dog at outdoor engagement session
  • The engagement photo session started at a park in the city where Rachel & Mitch usually take their dog Winnie on walks. It was a familiar space that made Winnie comfortable which is valuable when doing engagement photos with your dog. The park also included the bonus feature of shaded areas under trees and a cool breeze coming off of nearby ponds.
  • Winnie did great! I brought along an assistant with me so we could easily hand off Winnie and let her chill or roam freely while I captured the couple. I have a ton of experience with dogs and the couple’s interaction with them really helps get those genuine moments! 
  • I recommend bringing the pup to our location 10 minutes early so they can sniff and settle into the space. It also helps to bring along their favorite treat and/or squeaky toy. Rachel and Mitch even had Winnie join them on their wedding day as their flower girl!

These two were just so fun and easygoing. The dog, Winnie, was absolutely adorable and kept everyone smiling. We have so much in common, that our entire session felt like hanging out with good friends.

couple eskimo kisses at sunset engagement session
couple embraces beside pond at sunset engagement

Planning your wedding and realizing that your engagement session needs to be captured in the summer? Let’s figure out how to best keep it cool!


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