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Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Your Intimate Wedding

Couple gets married at washington, dc intimate wedding

Wedding days are never expected to go entirely as planned. That’s why you have a plan mapped out by an expert. So that when things go wrong, there’s someone there to execute Plan B. For this Washington, DC intimate wedding it was their wedding planner’s ingenuity that made their day possible.

Does the Work When Plans Require Pivoting

According to Washington, DC wedding planner Noelle Ahmad-Snedegar, the original plan for this 2020 wedding was a “200-guest blowout with a 7-piece band, reception stations, all-night bar, plus a weekend full of guest activities.” The couple tried to “keep the dream alive for as long as possible” before restrictions put these plans to a halt. 

Emily and Kevin didn’t want to postpone for a 2nd time: “they were ready to finally tie the knot so we got to work on a complete event flip.” The groom being a chef, food was definitely one of the items that this couple valued most. Noelle noted, “but it wasn’t just food at the top of their list—it was connection, community, and culture.” So she found a way to make that happen!

Ties Your Wedding Day Story Together

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Noelle helped every little piece of their day mean something to them. Emily prepped in their town home with her closest girlfriends and hers and Kevin’s beloved pup, Lola. Kevin had even named his restaurant Hot Lola’s after their canine family-member!

Maketto, a Washington, DC restaurant (and all-inclusive wedding venue) owned by the groom’s close friend and fellow chef, became the new wedding venue. With its urban and industrial vibes, Maketto kept things small and magical since they had the entire place to themselves!

Noelle describes this wedding location as “one of those rare venues that evokes a sense of inclusivity, hospitality, and exhilarating local energy that really reminds you that you’re part of something bigger.”

Every detail was tied to their story in some way down to the signature cocktails styled using figs from a fig tree in the couples’ yard. Whether your wedding day is big or small, having a wedding planner whose goal is “always to bring it back to their ultimate vision” makes all the difference!

Plans for the Unexpected

Couple stands under umbrellas with wedding party at intimate wedding
Bride stands beside columns in wedding dress

Everyone had to shift plans once more when the forecast called for rain. Noelle’s team grabbed a batch of umbrellas the day of to enable the ceremony to still happen in Maketto’s garden. Having a wedding planner means you don’t have to depend upon your family to account for last-minute changes. Family and friends are able to enjoy your wedding day with you rather than working in the background. 

Even with a wedding planner on your side, the weather is always outside of your control. That’s why I recommend day before or after photos as a great way to take that pressure off! Sometimes, rainy weather can come completely out of nowhere! (if you don’t believe me, check out this couple’s wedding!)

Makes Your Day Personal To You

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It meant the world to Emily and Kevin to simply be able to celebrate and be in the same room with their loved ones. Following an amazing multi-course dinner doing just that, the couple cut their cake adorned by unique otter-shaped toppers. It was such details that their wedding planner paid special attention to: “we place a huge emphasis on everything being intentional, personal, and meaningful to our couples. And, also on taking anything off of their plate that doesn’t need to be there.” 

Noelle added, “we know the right questions to ask to get them back on track with a plan that works and that excites them, even if it means we’re starting from scratch.” A wedding planner like Noelle ties everything together in order to show your story and make your day completely meaningful to you! She guides you two to create a day that is “authentic, intentional, and one-of-a-kind.”

Just the sort of wedding day that I can’t wait to capture! Looking for your wedding day vendors? I have some recommendations.

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The Team

Planner | Noelle Ahmad-Snedegar, Lily & Grayson Events
Venue | Maketto
Rentals | Something Vintage
Cake | Buttercream Bakeshop
Hair + Make up | Georgetown Bride
Florist | Steelcut Flowers, Emma Bates
Menu Cards | Dandelion Patch
Calligraphy | Laura Hooper Calligraphy
Signage | Framebridge
Dress | Love Couture Bridal
Her Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell
Her Accessories | Anthropologie
Bridesmaids Attire | Bella Bridesmaids

If you are a bride looking for a wedding planner in the Washington metropolitan area, I highly recommend Noelle Ahmad-Snedegar of Lily & Grayson Events!

Owner & Lead Event Designer, Noelle Ahmad-Snedegar, has roots in culinary, local restaurants, brand design, and luxury hospitality. She invites couples to share their stories and their style while developing an intuitive relationship with a rock star planner.

Couples love that she’s insanely resourceful, always in-sync with their vision, a vendor matchmaker, and a fierce supporter of their dream!

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