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Rainy Wedding Day | The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards

Bride and groom caught in the rain for their wedding ceremony

I know everyone frets about rain on their wedding day, but let me tell you: it is pure magic. Liv and John’s rainy wedding day at The Barns at Hamilton Station started out with sunshine–not a cloud in the sky…we just got a little surprise during the middle of the ceremony.

Show Your Personality

These two had so much of their personality in their wedding day. Every piece was tied to someone they loved! Friends created their incredible florals and dessert bar!

One of Liv’s closest friends owns Wildflower Bridal in Ashville, North Carolina where she found her perfect dress by Willow by Watters. Her regular stylist, Stephanie Concrad and Julia Weiss, from Casals de Spa in Clarendon did her hair + make up.

And on top of that, they had so many handmade details! The wood slices in the table centerpieces were from Liv’s best friend’s land and the wood slabs from a good friend’s childhood home (the tree she used to climb as a kid). The two also MADE the copper pipe frame for the seating table chart and found an artist who created the marble table numbers.

Your day is going to mean so much MORE if you have little pieces that really mean something to YOU.

Rainy Wedding day = MAGIC

So it was all sunshine and gorgeous light for Liv + John’s first look and wedding party photos and then right in the middle of their outdoor ceremony came hurricane rain.

Luckily, The Barns at Hamilton Station has AMAZING staff who quickly rescued their now rainy wedding by grabbing umbrellas for the bride and groom!

Surprise? Big one! Unforgettable? Absolutely! Some of my favorite photos ever? YES, YES, and YES! These two had so much fun and just embraced the magic of the rain!!! And then we all had fun running inside together!! : )

What do you do if it’s raining on your wedding day?

  1. Embrace it! Have some fun. There’s nothing more romantic than kissin’ in the rain!
  2. We’ll use those super cute clear umbrellas! It might be a good idea to invest in these and have them for back up just in case.
  3. Have a venue that you love eeveerrythinngg about. So, if you don’t want to play in the rain we can take some amazing photos inside!
  4. Check out my 6 Tips to Plan for a Rainy Wedding Day!

You can’t control everything—sometimes you gotta just let it be and enjoy. You know what came after the storm? A rainbow.

The Team

Venue | The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards
Dress |Wildflower Bridal , Willow by Watters designer
Hair + Make up | Casals de Spa in Clarendon
DJ | I-76 Entertainment

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