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Brooke and Adrian | DC Engagement Session

Brooke and Adrian | DC Engagement Session

DC Engagement Session | Brooke and Adrian

You know how when you meet two people who just seem to genuinely have FUN together no matter what they are doing? That’s just what it’s like when you meet Brooke and Adrian. We had such a blast together at their engagement session running around Rock Creek Park, playing in the late autumn sunshine.

Brooke says that not only did they hit it off right, she knew pretty early on that Adrian was the one. They have this natural ease with each other that made them so fun to photograph; they were always laughing!

Four years ago on a fateful day they met online, and the adventure hasn’t stopped.  In typical millennial fashion, Adrian messaged her a cheesy Halloween joke that neither one of them can remember. But he assures me was funny enough to get the girl.

When they met, Adrian was finishing up school and managing a local restaurant, so he was one busy guy. But in their easygoing way, Brooke and Adrian made it work. They just turned Saturday date night into “almost Sunday morning date night” with late-night dinners and movies after Adrian got off of work.

Living in Ohio with their sweet kitty Mimi (AKA Big Girl…best nickname EVER), Adrian and Brooke still love late-night dinners, movies at home on Netflix, and driving around the country belting out 80’s tunes. You can tell that whatever they do, they just genuinely have a great time with each other. If that’s not a reason to marry someone, I don’t know what is.  

Adrian proposed to Katie at the National Arboretum in DC last year, and they decided to plan their wedding there. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in that remarkable space!  It’s just so perfect with the expansive lawn, gorgeous gardens, and the stunning architecture of the pillars and reflecting pond.

Brooke and Adrian, spending time with two people so at ease with each other and so in love with life was such a pleasure. I’m counting down the days to your wedding!

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